Learn What Actually Works!

The MOMENTUM program helps you sift through myths and misconceptions while providing actionable, realistic tips and strategies to set you up for long-term success.

Imagine Not Wanting to Go Back!

A lot of people have a really hard time imagining themselves changing and living a healthy life. But, once you get your strategies and routines down, you won't be able to imagine ever going back!

Don't Sacrifice Health for Weight Loss!

Learn how to balance performance, aesthetics, joint and tissue health, and overall health and wellness to develop a foundation to live an incredible life!

Developed from 10,000+ Client Hours Online and In-person

Coaching, Insight, Accountability, Tools, and Strategies

  • Get the Body You’ve Always Wanted,
  • Make your Results Permanent, and
  • Make Life Easier and Enjoy it More!!!

Challenging the societal norms that are holding people back, I want to have a profound impact on as many people's lives as possible!

Most people think that working out more, relying on willpower, and counting calories or macros is the secret to getting the body you want.  When people struggle, this way of thinking makes people feel like there is something wrong with them. If they were just stronger, they would have the body they want.  This thinking is wrong on so many levels and why 95% of diets fail within 3 years!!!  The successes from the MOMENTUM program are not from people who are more disciplined than you when it comes to lifestyle, but people who are likely now much more strategic and experienced in implementing habits and routines. The MOMENTUM strategies make it easy to live a healthy life and to have a body they can be proud of.  

Leveraging the latest scientific research in nutrition, physiology, neuroscience, and psychology, the MOMENTUM program is designed to help you take advantage of strategies that will take you down a realistic and achievable path to your goals.  Through experiments across the 4-week program, you'll learn what works for you, you'll learn how to make the choices you want yourself to make a daily, habitual reality.  You'll learn to recognize when you are getting led down a dark path by your hormones and when you're being taken advantage of by the incredibly cunning food, pharmaceutical, fitness, and weight-loss industries.  You'll lose body fat, build lean muscle, learn how to recover from workouts, resolve nagging aches and pains, and simply learn how to make being healthy and looking great easy and sustainable. 

It’s time to try a way that has gotten long-term, sustainable results for people who had thought they had tried everything! It’s time to put your effort into something that works.

"If you are looking to make a lifestyle change, there is no one better to have on your team than the MOMENTUM coaches. Their love for nutrition and all things about living a healthy lifestyle is infectious. They will teach you and coach you in an incredibly knowledgeable and supportive way that increases your motivation to make lifelong changes. I have literally tried every "diet' trend out there and have spent the last 25 years of my life on a rollercoaster of weight loss and weight gain. It wasn't until I started MOMENTUM program that I had the support, encouragement, and tools to finally take control of my health. I have a completely different outlook and approach to how I fuel my body and I have broken lifelong habits that I honestly thought I would never be able to break. I am currently down 50+ pounds and am continuing to steadily lose weight while maintaining a LIFESTYLE that supports my goals. Not to be overly dramatic- but my life has truly been changed and it wouldn't have been possible without the knowledge, energy, and support from MOMENTUM.” -Heather Robinson (11 Months after Program Ended)

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